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OneChance NZ delivers focused programmes across the Social Services Vocational Pathway to encourage NCEA success and develop real life skills. We facilitate Adventure Based Learning (ABL) activities, BootCamps, group fitness sessions, leadership training, coaching, mentoring, public speaking with confidence building modules, promote interest in careers and other tertiary training.

We have a big focus on the delivery of educational, intensive and fun programmes to Rotorua schools, team building activities, Holiday Programmes and, in 2024, the anticipated return of the Rotorua Youth Awards.

In 2015 the OCYP team won the prestigious Ministry of Youth Development ANZAC Youth Award for organising the OneChance ANZAC Kite Festival. A first for any youth group in Rotorua.

Our Awesome Whanau



Chief Enthusiast - Founder

Alan has spent more than 20 years working in leadership and personal development. He has travelled to more than 40 countries, built Sunday Schools in Africa, worked on building sites with Albanian refugees, worked with street kids in the Philippines and planted trees in the eroded mountainous landscapes of Hakuba, Japan. He was a physical training instructor in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, a regional and national award winning sales and marketing consultant and an award winning journalist.

This life experience enabled him to design and launch the first OneChance Youth Project in 2013. In early 2017 he founded the OneChance Charitable Trust trading as OneChance NZ which he now manages. He was also the founding deputy chairman of the Rotorua Childrens Art House.

Alan is an accredited life coach and a Justice of the Peace. He has a passionate fire burning in his belly to develop young leaders and to see them succeed.

  “Our young people are not the leaders of the future, but the leaders of today – the future of Aotearoa”.


Shelley Power

Shelley Power

“I love working with OneChance NZ. Having worked in the education sector as a teacher, Senior Leader and Principal, I know, first hand, how much our tamariki need support and guidance to reach their full potential and become the wonderful members of our community that they all have the potential to be.“



We have a selection of contract trainers and facilitators who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the OCYP, OTUS, YouthTube, BackOn Track and OneCare Tiakitanga programmes. All of whom are either industry experts in their chosen field or qualified youth workers. Whether the modules are public speaking, leadership development, self-defence, BootCamps or Adventure Based Learning activities, our trainers are passionate to see young people become all that they can be.

OneChance Charitable Trust

Registered as a Charitable Trust in 2017, the OneChance Charitable Trust (CC54270) trading as OneChance New Zealand was set up for the education and training of NZ youth, the advancement of health and holistic well-being of whanau using values-based principles of respect, integrity, honour, excellence, culture and service to others.

Chrissy Kay

Chrissy Kay


Chrissy joined our team midway through 2018. She brings with her passion and experience in working with children and young people. She works as a teacher at Western Heights Primary School and has worked in various other schools around the city. Chrissy is passionate about seeing young people have the skills and resilience to overcome life’s obstacles and fulfill their potential. When she is not working, she is drinking coffee with friends or relaxing at one of Rotorua’s beautiful lakes.

Alby Tipiwai

Alby Tipiwai


Ang Treloar

Ang Treloar

Number Cruncher

Andrea spent 12 years as an early childhood educator before finding a passion for the world of business and finance.  Between 2006 and 2017 she spent nine years running her own businesses and a further two years working at a corporate accounting firm.  After the birth of her third child in 2017, Ang left the corporate world and is currently a company director for Awhi Ropu Consultants Ltd. A social enterprise that values itself on looking after the financial interests and obligations of local Trusts and small businesses.
As a mum to three kids she has spent many years helping out on various school committees, coaching their sports and generally being involved in their community. Ang has a passion for Roller Derby and as one of the founding members of Rotorua’s SCSR league she has spent the last seven years involved in the sport as a referee, coach and treasurer.  


I loved every moment of this experience and I have to say I think that the OneChance Youth Project would have to be one of the best parts of my high school experience so far and I am grateful for all the skills I have gained – leadership, event planning, communication, and many, many more.

Chantelle Cobby

2015 OCYP Course Leader, Rotorua Girls High School Deputy Head Girl

When I first got invited to be a part of the OneChance Youth Project I thought to myself what could really come out of this course…. But then as I spent one day with everyone on our first day which was team building I knew exactly why I was here. I had to focus on building on my leadership skills and in the end work well in a team and achieve something that benefited the community and the youth of Rotorua.

Aimee Rendall

2014 OCYP Course Leader, John Paul College

This programme has been designed to inspire youth involved and assist them in learning the skills required for life, work and leadership. I personally think that this is a fantastic concept to develop young leaders and prepare them for their future in the workforce and business.

Hon Todd McClay

National MP, Rotorua

I have been part of many events but the OneChance ANZAC Kite Festival was outstanding for young people to plan and implement what they have learnt. Definitely recommend this for youth wanting to learn event management and community engagement.

Bobby Howard

Whanau-ora, Te Waiariki Purea Trust

As a Council embarking on a People Friendly Community we value investment in our young people as they are our citizens of the future. The OneChance Youth Seminar in one of a range of programs that collectively will make a difference in our community and hopefully will inspire those to love their dreams and choose to love, work and play in the community that we love.

Hon Steve Chadwick

Mayor, Rotorua Lakes Council

I thoroughly support and recommend the OCYP to any teacher/parent who wants their student/child to develop their leadership skills and confidence. This is a fantastic concept for all the youth of Rotorua.

Yvonne Downard

Gateway Co-ordinator, Rotorua Girls High School

I highly recommend this unique ‘leadership initiative’ as an investment in our community development and therefore any financial support or resources you can provide for the continuation of this OneChance Youth initiative will make a difference to these young people and encourage’ the ripple effect’ through their peers.

Deb Bell

Rotary District 9930 Chairperson, Interact & Rotaract

The events I find ending up most successful tend to be those organised by people who have that rare combination of passion and organisation skills. My experience with the OneChance event was definitely at the high end of that scale. If you hadn’t told me that it was being organised and run by students, I would never had guessed.

Terry Williams

Speaker / Author / Trainer / MC

I would highly recommend accessing Alan’s skills in the area of leadership training, personal goal setting, and helping to raise youth confidence in their own abilities to overcome adversity and seek out opportunities.

Todd Mountfort

Rotorua Coordinator, Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

I wish to express that the youth involved were very professional in their dealings with us. They provide a proposal letter incorporating the project objectives and plans, a comprehensive health and safety plan, security and wardens.

Hera Smith

Deputy Principal, TKKM O Hurungaterangi

Listening to Alan Solomon on Saturday evening was an inspiration. He reminded us that we don’t win by walking away from a negative situation. We take it as a challenge. One of the students wanted to leave but, with encouragement from one of the team leaders, became a leader in her team.

Allen Foote

President, Rotary Club of Rotorua

The OneChance Youth Project helped me gain the confidence needed to share my work with others, the skills needed to delegate, get along and work together so we can achieve our goals.

Karl Perez

2013 Course Member, John Paul College

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